Elephant Baby Shower Cake

My good friend, Amanda, is having a baby boy!

Her colors are yellow and gray, so we thought an elephant theme for the shower would be fun.

Even though making the gray icing made me think of a line from the movie Steel Magnolias, I still love the way this cake turned out!

What You Need:
Cake -
   I used two 8" x 2" round layers
    and two 5" x 2" round layers
   I made my favorite Chocolate Cake Recipe (1 1/2 time the recipe)
Icing -
   I made a double batch of Rich Vanilla Buttercream (SMBC)
    I took 3 cups out for the yellow, and dyed the rest gray.
   You will also need a piping bag and tip #104.

Elephant and Letter Decorations -
   Fondant - colored gray (You only need about 4-6 oz. of fondant)
   Rolling pin
   Cut-outs: Elephant, petal or tear-drop & letters
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